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Why you’re struggling to get results on social media (and how to fix it)

As a therapist, you know posting on social media is both a free and effective way to let people know who you are and who you help.

But why does it all have to feel so hard?

Well, there are many reasons and it could be different things for different people. 

So today I’m going to explore 8 reasons why you might be struggling to get the results you want on social media and give you some tips for how to fix them. 


When it comes to social media, does it all seem really difficult for you?

Maybe you tell yourself its too hard and you've given up. 

Well the good news is, social media is a learnable skill so you can totally learn how to do it.

But whats most likely to be stopping you are issues around mindset and worriies about visibility. 

So here are 8 reasons you might be struggling and ways to fix them. 

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