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  • You want a thriving, profitable private practice but don't know where to start
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  • You want to charge a fair price but feel awkward taking money from people that need help
  • You need increased confidence in the business aspects of your practice

I'm Jane Travis, and I'm the overwhelmed therapists secret weapon.

I've been a therapist since 2005, and I KNOW the difficulties around marketing a private practice.  So I help other therapists exactly like you to grow a profitable practice out of your passions. 

I’ve helped hundreds of therapists to attract clients by showing them therapist specific marketing advice on how to attract clients ethically, so you can make a difference while getting the income you desire.

Grow your counselling business

So if you want to help more people and earn more money, come join us in the club. 

I'll show you how to grow your private practice in a way that's simple, ethical - and effective.

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What would it feel like to open your diary and see clients booked in, to get regular referrals and not worry about where your next clients are coming from.

Let’s turn that dream into reality.

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