Why did I form the Grow Your Private Practice Club_ Jane Travis

Grow Your Private Practice Club

Have you ever seen the show Room 101?

I loves me some Room 101!

If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a TV show where people banish their pet peeves into room 101, which is from George Orwells book 1984

Let me tell you what I’d put in room 101...

Valuing ourselves as counsellors - Grow Your Private Practice, with Jane Travis

Valuing ourselves as counsellors

My dad used to do this thing: he’d arrive at my house unannounced, and let himself in.

So if I was with a client, my ears would swivel around like a gazelles (ok, slight exaggeration!) and my mind would be alert wondering who had just let themselves into the house (a burglar? Murderer?), and would they come and disturb us.

I’d be distracted from my client, which would make me cross, and that too would distract me.

So I had a word with my dad. 'Please don’t just turn up unannounced, I’m working and that disturbs us'.

Okay, he said.

But he didn’t stop.

Things I wish I'd heard, aged 10 - with FREE resource- Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Pravtice

Things I wish I’d heard, age 10

Have you ever asked a client ‘what would you tell the 10 year old you'?

It’s a good question, because it takes a client from viewing the past from the perspective of a child, and allows them to see it from an adults perspective and reminds them that they were, in fact, just a child.  

So I asked the members of the private Facebook community ‘Grow Your Private Practice’ what they would say to the 10 year old them, and what happened was awesome.

7 Things to do in a quiet spell- Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

7 Things to do in a quiet spell

You look in your diary, and smile inwardly - the hard work has started to pay off and you're getting more regular clients.  Yes!

But then you get an email - 'I need to cancel tomorrows appointment because...'

And your 2pm client hasn't turned up and isn't answering the phone. 

And you check to see if you're still on that online directory because you haven't had any referrals in a while...

So what do you do in a quiet spell?

What to do when your private practice marketing doesn't work - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

What to do when your private practice marketing doesn’t work

You've tried blogging, social media and networking, but your diary is still deserted, with empty pages mocking you.

Maybe you're just not cut out to be in private practice? Maybe you should just forget your dream of being a counsellor and get a 9-5.  

What should you do when your private practice marketing isn't working? Let’s take a look...

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