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How to connect with your readers (8 ways for therapists to increase engagement) - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

How to connect with your readers

When you’re in private practice, you want to attract more clients.


But something many therapists are worried about is being salesy.

That's hardly surprising. When I think of salespeople, I picture the old school sleazy used car salesman, or the double glazing salesman, or the old school cosmetics counter over-made-up saleswoman insisting that 'yes, that neon pink lipstick really looks lovely on you'!

The sort of sales people that are on a commission and really only interested in the sale, which leaves you feeling manipulated, taken advantage of and used. 

Well the truth is you simply don’t have to try to sell yourself or your services, at least not in that 'used car salesman' way.

5 ways to come up with blog post ideas - for therapists! - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

How to come up with blog post ideas

Does this sound familiar?

I want to write a blog, so I sit in front of my computer and try to think up useful, interesting blog post ideas.

The cursor flashes on my blank Google doc, and my blank mind starts to panic - surely there’s SOMETHING I can say!

I’m relatively clever, I usually have tons of ideas - why can’t I think of any now?

Fast forward to me frantically ‘researching’ (procrastinating) trawling the World Wide Web, for something - anything! - to give me inspiration.

Okay relax, I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks about how to find inspiration in my many years of blogging. 

Let me share with you 5 ways to come up with blog post ideas...

Before and after blog post checklists for counsellors and therapists in private practice - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Before and After Blog Post Checklists For Therapists

Blogging is one of the best things you can do as a therapist to market your private practice.

But if you're going to the trouble of writing a blog you'll want as many people to read it as possible.  

So here's a comprehensive guide for therapists on what to do before and after publishing your blog post for maximum exposure - and a FREE checklist!

Get more people to read your therapy blog- - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

Get more people to read your therapy blog

How do you get more people to read your therapy blog?

Appearances matter. 

Yeah, we don't really like to admit it, we know they shouldn't but they do.  

If we go to a restaurant and our meal turns up plonked on a plate, we're disappointed. It might taste exactly the same as if it had been beautifully presented, but it wouldn't feel so special: it wouldn't have the same perceived value. 

It's the same in private practice...

10 reasons why your private practice needs a blog - Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

10 Reasons Your Counselling Website Needs A Blog

CAN BLOGGING GROW YOUR private practice?

Advertising and marketing a counselling business can be an ethical minefield for therapists in private practice.  

After all, we can’t put an advert out there saying:

‘For the best counselling in Lincoln, come to XXX!’


‘Feel better fast with XXX’.


‘Happiness guaranteed in just 6 sessions or your money back!’

We don't have sales or special offers or stock clearances.  ​

But what we do have is knowledge, and sharing this knowledge is how we can let people know who we are, where we are and how we can help. 

Blogging is perfect for this.

Let me tell you why...​