Grow your private practice book, perfect for counsellors or psychotherapists in private practice

You're a qualified, insured counsellor.

Now, how do you attract clients?

This book comes in 3 parts:

Quick-Start * Mindset * Practical


Do you want to get started quickly and on a budget? In the quickstart section, I show you how to get started when you don't know where to start - website not required.


Do you have a nagging fear that you're not good enough and feel like a fraud? Take a look at the section on mindset, and see how being in private practice really helps your personal development.


Does the thought of being visible make you feel awkward? Relax, I'll show you how to attract clients in a way that feels right for you, no selling yourself required.

Jane Travis

I'm Jane Travis, the counsellor that helps other counsellors to grow their private practice. 

I've helped hundreds of counsellors and therapists to not only attract new clients, but to do so without feeling overwhelmed.

Marketing isn't a one size fits all thing, so in this book I'll help you discover the marketing that's right for you.


Grow Your Private Practice book gives you a no nonsense, grounded and practical insight to grow your private practice, and helps you develop both as a counsellor and as a person.


This book is perfect if you are just starting in private practice, have been seeing clients a while but want clarity or you need to refresh your skills.


Action is the key to growth, so it has lots of practical action steps to move you forward, along with time for reflection.