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It’s time to take your own advice

How are you feeling? I ask because I am tired and emotional, which I know is often code for how we describe people at the end of a night out after one too many glasses of vino, but I am literally tired and emotional. 

By 9 pm I am falling asleep. I sleep well, but still wake tired. 

And I wouldn't describe myself as a cryer, but the other morning I cried twice before 9.30 am.

So I asked the Grow Your Private Practice community if anyone else felt this and yup, loads of people reported similar. One even cried at a Macdonalds advert. Emotions are funny, aren't they?

So in this episode, I want to know how YOU are feeling because one thing I know about counsellors is we tend to be a bit rubbish at taking our own advice


In this episode we look at:

  • Our tendency to have unrealistic expectations of ourselves
  • Feeling guilty
  • Taking our own advice
  • Mindful viewing

You’re an expert at self-care and I bet you make sure that others increase theirs and stop being so hard on themselves. 

So whenever you hear a critical voice in your head, or feel guilty for doing something for yourself, or snap at others or whatever thing happens to make you feel guilty I’d like you to consider what your reaction would be if a client said that. 

You would treat them with kindness, compassion and respect. 

So do the same for yourself. 

Link to follow:

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What to do next

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Jane lives in beautiful Lincoln with her 2 boys and rescue dog. When she's not talking about herself in the third person, she's usually found with her feet up and eating Maltesers. Sometimes she even shares them with friends.