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September Reset: A Therapist’s Guide to Refreshing Your Private Practice

There are two times in the year that have that 'new start' vibe: January and September, and both are excellent moments for a ‘stocktake’ of your private practice. 

So today, I’m doing a September reset and sharing with you a guide to refreshing your private practice so you start the last quarter with a bang. 


Ah, September! The leaves are turning, the air is crisper, and there's a sense of renewal in the air.

Whether you've got kiddos heading back to school or you're just excited to embrace the change of seasons, September is the perfect month for reviewing your business and refreshing your private practice. 

Why September is Special

For parents, September usually means kids are heading back to school—yay! But even if you're not a parent, this month signifies a shift in energy. Summer, as lovely as it is, often disrupts routines. And as someone who thrives on habit, I appreciate the return to what feels like 'normalcy'. 

The Importance of Seasonal Stocktaking

As I said, there are two specific times each year that have that 'new start' vibe: January and September. And they serve as great reminders to take stock and check that 'the basics' are still up to date.

Because as you know, change is the only thing that’s constant. But sometimes we don't fully recognise those changes.


Well, I often discuss the power of baby steps and how they can turn into significant transformations.

But the thing about baby steps is - well, they are small! And as such, you might not really notice the amount of work you've done.

But if you don’t acknowledge the changes and the progress you've made, it can lead to your marketing messages being out of date and as such, not working as well as they could. 

Therefore, regularly reviewing your marketing makes sure you get the most from your marketing efforts and provides you with an opportunity to adapt.

5 steps for refreshing your private practice

Here are some ideas of things you can do to have a September reset:

1. Know Your Niche

Your practice thrives when you understand the needs and struggles of your potential clients. So, ask yourself:

👉 Who is my dream client?

👉 What are their current challenges?

👉 What changes do they desire in their lives?

The longer you are a practicing therapist, the clearer this will become. But things change - you change, so check that you are still working to connect the client that you love to serve. 

If you need some help with this, check out the 3 part mini-series 'How to attract your dream clients

2. Audit your website

Your website is so important; it's your shop window, and it does a lot of heavy lifting.

It explains to visitors - and Google! - who you help and how you help them.

It includes practical things like how to contact you and your working hours. But it also allows you to share a little of yourself, so your warmth, personality and even sense of humour.

And don't underestimate this, because this is basically just kick starting that therapeutic relationship and goes a long way to attracting the right clients to you.

So pretend you are your ideal client for a moment and take a look at your website. Is it clear:

👉 Who you work with?

👉 The problems you solve?

👉 How you are the right choice for them?

👉 How to contact you?

If not, now is the time to review, tweak, and update.

If you'd like more help with this, type 'website' into the search function of this website for some amazing episodes with website experts.

3. Update your directories

 As with your website, if you're listed in any online directories, ensure that these are up to date.

👉 Review and revise descriptions

👉 Are your working hours up to date

👉 Consider updating your photo

👉 Use natural light

👉 Stick to your brand colours

👉 And yes, smile!

Pro Tip: You don't need a professional photo; a well-lit selfie can work wonders too.

For more resources to do with directories, check out:

Therapist Directories: The good, the bad and the ugly, and 

A deep dive into online directories for therapists

4. Update your social media profile

Take a look at your social media bio: is it up to date? Could you tweak it to make it more relevant?

Usually you don't have a lot of characters to play with so make sure you are making the most of every word. 

As I've said previously, is the photo recent or does it need an update?

Oh, and a reminder - please don't use your logo as your profile pic, as people connect with people.

5. Google Business Profile 

Check your Google Business Profile for any inconsistencies or outdated information.

👉 Amend opening hours and fees

👉 Update any photos as nescessary

👉 Add recent blogs or social media posts to keep it fresh

6. Review your fee

Okay okay, I know I said there would be 5 things, but I think this deserves a special mention.

September really represents a great time to review and increase your fee. 

So take some time out to take a proper look at your accounts.

As you already know, costs have risen for everyone, so make sure you take this into account. You run a business, and it needs to be profitable. 

I recently spoke with Miranda from Zynnyme about this, and recorded this amazing podcast:

Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis in Private Practice and if you struggle with increasing your fees, its a great episode to listen to. 

What If You Don't Update?

Without regular reviews your bios can become stale and out of date.

Therefore you risk presenting outdated information when a potential client discovers you, and as we know, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

So I recommend taking September to do a stocktake on your business and make and changes or tweaks necessary.

Because when you're confident that your marketing materials are up to date, you will feel confident directing people there. 

You're Not Alone

If any of this feels overwhelming, remember you don't have to go it alone. The Private Practice Success Roadmap will take away the guesswork and guide you through the basics of Niche, Website, Blogging and Social media. 

And every quarter is the Quarterly Action Plan, so in October this will help you focus your efforts for the last quarter of 2023.

Check it out at Grow Your Private Practice

Join the Grow Your Private Practice Club, and learn how to attract more clients, more easily

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