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How to come up with new social media post ideas

Do you think that you don’t have anything new to say on social media or on your blog because you think that there's nothing left to be said about the work you do? 

In this post, I’ll show you how to come up with new social media post ideas for any topic, and I’ll tell you about the one simple thing you already have to ensure that your social media posts are unique to your practice. 


It’s all been said before

If I had a pound every time I heard people say they don’t have anything new to say on social media or on a blog -  well I might not be a millionaire but I'd be a very happy woman!

Thinking that you don’t have anything new to say is a common worry, because as you're already aware, there are plenty of people working with the same types of issues that you're working on. 

So there are going to be other counsellors, coaches and therapists like hypnotherapists or EFT therapists around offering many different types of help. 

And you may be thinking that everything's been said already. There's nothing left to say to add to the conversation online. 

If you're new to marketing by blogging or using social media, you may be feeling the pressure to somehow reinvent the wheel with your social posts. And there can be a feeling that you need brand new things to talk about that have never been talked about before.

And maybe you’re feeling like there’s just nothing new for you to talk about that hasn’t been said, so why would you bother?  

Does this sound familiar?

If so, take a listen to the podcast below, or read on. 

How to write something different about your niche 

I’m here to tell you that honestly, there's no need to put yourself under that kind of pressure because yes, literally everything has been talked about before!

Test it out - do a search on Google for literally any subject and you will find blogs and articles and videos and any number of things about that subject. Or take a look on your favourite social media platform, and you'll see people talking about the same things over and over.   

So yes, I understand how you’re feeling but let’s take a closer look at how this works and you'll see that although everybody seems to be talking about the same things, the same subjects, the same issues, they are all sharing in a slightly different way.  

Let’s explore how this works by using the topic: ‘How to Say No’ 

Learning how to say no is nothing new. In fact, in a previous life while I was still a counsellor, I ran a second business alongside of my practice called ‘Self-care for people pleasers’. You can go check it out if you like, it’s at janetravis.com

The focus was on meeting your own needs and a big part of what I was sharing was learning how to say no. The more people have the confidence to consider their own needs, the better they are in my book. 

But does this mean that because the subject's been spoken about before, there's nothing left to say? Well no, absolutely not! Because there are many different ways to broach this subject.

So I’m going to show you how to come up with new social media post ideas and brainstorm several different topics to come up with content ideas. 

So in order to brainstorm, I want you to flex that empathy muscle and put yourself in the shoes of somebody that doesn’t like to say no and think about what you could share that will help them.

  1. 1
    You could share some scripts to help people know HOW to say no politely.  Elsie Owen, the people-pleasing therapist does this beautifully here - check out her Instagram post here 
  2. 2
    You could share an easy thing like a positive affirmation as an image or just in text. It could be something as simple as “I am confident in my ability to say no', Or “I am in control of my life,” or “I have the right to say no.” You could turn these affirmations into a set of images that you share on Instagram as a carousel post, so people can click through all the different affirmations..
  3. 3
    You could talk about how journaling can be a great way to start getting in touch with yourself and your needs. You could offer questions for reflections that they can write about in their journal. Something like, what would you do with the free time you have after saying no to doing the things that you don't want to do? You could ask in your post, what would happen if you did start to say no?
  4. 4
    You could create a reel or carousel post that includes quotes, and then talk about why you particularly like that quote and why it’s so important to learn how to say no.
  5. 5
    Another way to approach this topic is to talk about the importance of boundaries. Your post could share some ideas for boundaries that people might want to consider, like keeping one night for yourself for self-care.
  6. 6
    What about assertiveness and how it relates to learning how to say no? You could talk about a few of the assertiveness tricks that you might have learned that you could share in a video.
  7. 7
    Think about if you know any good books about clear communication. You could do a post that recommends a book to help your clients and share why you think this book is a must-read to help people learn how to say no.
  8. 8
    You can share your view on alternative options like meditation, EFT or other types of self-care. These are all different ways to help you to say that it’s okay for you to say no, or it's not okay for you to keep putting other people's needs in front of yours.
  9. 9
    You could also talk about how to recognise different types of manipulation or bullying like gaslighting or the silent treatment, or how to recognise narcissism. Because sometimes we don't say no, due to the type of relationship that we’re in.
  10. 10
     You could talk about how people could help their kids to have the confidence to say no so that when they grow up, their kids are not being a people pleaser. It teaches your kids to stop putting themselves last. So that's helping the next generation as well.

But here's the really important thing that makes your posts different to what anybody else says on this topic. 

Dr Suess once said,

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr Suess Quote: No one more youer than you

Dr Suess is right, and the point I'm making is that you are being completely unique because of who you are. 

You have your own life experiences, you have your own stories. You have amassed knowledge, understanding and worldliness throughout your life. 

You've got loads of experience that you've gathered through the jobs that you've had, through the successes and the failures. 

You've had years of joys as well as all the disappointments that you've experienced plus the fears, doubts, or the passions that you have are all the things that make you unique and individual. 

So when you share your posts, you're going to be talking from a completely different place than everybody else. 

And on top of that, you trained to be a counsellor. So as well as all the life experience that you have, you've also learned all of those theories about human behaviours, what makes people tick and how you can help.

These are all stories that could help the reader. These are stories and experiences that are completely unique to you. The way that you share them is uniquely you because you are one of a kind and you have your own individual personality.

Your voice is every bit as valuable as anyone else that's talking about the subject.

The way that I see it is if just one person sees what you've posted and it makes a difference to them, even if it's just a really small difference, then that's a pretty brilliant thing.

And the more people you help freely through your social media posts and your blogs, then ultimately, the more clients that you're going to attract.

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