Where to blog when you don't have a website - Jane Travis, helping counsellors and therapists to grow a thriving private practice

You're just starting out in private practice and you’ve heard blogging is a great way to get known, start connecting with potential clients and help people.

Well, you’re right, it is! 

But does this mean you need a website first?

Thankfully, no.

At some point you will definitely need a website, but it’s not something you need right at the start. You can start attracting clients without a website - and without a logo or business cards either.

So I'm going to show you where to blog when you don't have a website


Where to blog when you don't have a website - Jane Travis, helping counsellors and therapists to grow a thriving private practice

1. LinkedIn

When first starting in private practice, you need an ‘online home base’ ie a presence online, and LinkedIn is great for this

  • You can direct people to your LinkedIn profile, which can serve as a mini website for you.
  • It's a great place to connect with people locally, great if you work on a face to face basis
  • It's a global platform, so it's an excellent choice if you work online
  • You can publish blogs here before you get a website
  • You can start building your social media presence here
  • You can post videos here
  • It's all free!

So you can see, LinkedIn really has a lot going for it, and even better, when it comes to writing blogs, it’s really easy to use. 

Firstly, to write an article, from the main feed click ‘Write an article’

This takes you to LinkedIn Publishing, and from here on in, it’s just like using a word doc or Google doc - you can change font size, add bullet lists, links, quotes and bold/italics/underline.

LinkedIn Publisher

So add your blog here, and be sure to end with a CTA (Call To Action) to do with what you’ve written, something like ‘If you know someone struggling with this, be a friend and show them this blog’, or ‘contact me now on xxxxxxx’. 

2. Medium

Medium is another great place to blog before you have a website because it’s simple to use and simple to share. I was going to write all about using it, but then I found this great article about how to get started on Medium, and it covers everything, so check it out!

A quick guide to Medium

So there you are, I've shared 2 places where to blogging when you don't have a website. And remember, when you do get a website, you can then move your blogs over to your site, which will boost your site and SEO, getting you off to a great start.

So get writing! And if you don’t know what or how to write, I’ve got your back: check out the resources to help below.

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