FREE WEBINAR: Let's change the public perception of counselling

What is the public perception of counselling?
Let me put it this way - it's could be better!

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Jane Travis

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Currently, people aren't accessing help because of fears they have around counselling. 

It's our job as private practitioners to change this

Some people see counselling as a punishment, some think it's because they are 'broken' and need fixing, and some seem to think we're going to judge them, be patronising, tell them what to do or even make them do something they don't want to.

Maybe they think they've done something wrong, have failed or that because they are struggling, it proves they aren't good enough. 

Many people think they will be analysed, and there's a fear that somehow we can access all their deep, dark, innermost secrets just by chatting with them.

If people - our potential clients - think this is what counselling is then they simply won't want to come, which means they don't get the help they need and you don't get the income you need.

It's time we change this. 

In this FREE webinar we:

  • Explore attitudes to counselling
  • Examine where these perceptions come from.
  • Share some simple ideas on how to start transforming the public perception of counselling, to benefit clients and counsellors.

It's time to give therapy a rebrand. If we all work on this together, we all stand to win - you, clients and the profession as a whole.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jane Travis, and I'm the overwhelmed therapists secret weapon!

I'm a counsellor, and I've helped hundreds of other counsellors to attract clients by showing them therapist specific marketing advice on how to attract clients ethically, so you can make a difference while getting the income you desire - and I'm on a mission to change the face of therapy!

Together we're going to change the way people view the work we do shift the public perception of what we do to benefit clients, ourselves and the communities around us.

Are you going to join the movement?

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