If you find it hard to find the time for marketing your private practice, then take a read if this, because it's not what you think it is!

Do you make time for business?

In our busy busy lives, time is a precious commodity. Ask people what they wish they had more of, it's time.  Oh, and money, of course. 

Sadly, I can't magic up a few more hours in a day, but I CAN help you manage it.

So this is for you if you want more clients but don't have the time to market your business. ​


If you find it hard to find the time for marketing your private practice, then take a read if this, because it's not what you think it is!

I was chatting with a counsellor friend recently and we were discussing work. She was at a point where several had reached the end of their therapy and left within a short space of time, so wanting new clients. 

'What do you do to attract clients?', I asked.

'Well, it's time', she lamented and listed other commitments in her life. So she just didn't have the time to work on attracting clients. 

S​ound familiar?

Well it's not uncommon - hell, I've done it myself!

So I ask you, how many clients would you ideally like to see a week? Let's say 10.

If you had 10 clients, would you make time for them? Yes, of course you would.

So if you only have ​7 now, that's 3 more hours you've earmarked as work time. 

I can tell you now, you can get a whole lot of marketing one in 3 hours a week.

​If you were employed, you'd have a set number of hours you had to work, so make it the same with your business. 

(Remember, if you have 10 clients, that's not 10 hours of work: it's 10 hours of clients time PLUS admin, marketing, travelling, training, supervision, CPD, research...)​

Time for business - Jane Travis - Grow Your Counselling Business

The truth is, it's not about the lack of time, the lack of motivation, the lack of desire and it's certainly not about being lazy.  No, it's about fear or uncertainty.

It's what holds many therapists back. It's about not really being confident on how to promote our businesses, or a fear of tech.  

I get it - I really do! I am a self confessed technophobe, I wasn't brought up with it, never used one of the 3 computers there was at school so it scares me (feeling very old now!!) But I knew that to grow my business I needed to get to grips with it, so I did.    

It can seem like a minefield marketing a therapy businesses with things like personal disclosure and ethics making us second guess ourselves all the time​

Sometimes though, if you really want to do something you've got to 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'!

Use the extra time to learn how to market your business or how to handle tech. The thing is, tech get's easier to use all the time -  companies are in competition to get your business, so are constantly making their products more and more easy to use. 

Yes it takes time and energy and pushes you out of your comfort zone but if you want more clients, more money and more financial security you have to put the work in. 

If you're seeing fewer clients than you'd like, use that extra time wisely and bring in more clients, because they need your help.  

If you struggle for time I've got just the thing for you. The Grow Your Private Practice Club focusses on getting more done in less time. In the Foundations course we take a look at finding or making more time and we also have monthly planning meetings to get organised so you make your marketing really bring you results. 

But not only will your confidence soar due to the fabulous courses, workshops, guest expert masterminds, resources and member only offers, you'll also be part of a friendly and supportive community with peers. 

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