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The pros and cons of podcasting

In this, my 100th episode of The Grow Your Private Practice Show, I talk about the pros and cons of podcasting to help you decide whether podcasting could be a good choice for you.

And as a gift for you on the 100th episode, I’ve put together 9 FREE resources I’ve previously shared as part of the podcast so you can access them all together. 


When I started The Grow Your Private Practice Show, I’d recently published the Grow Your Private Practice book and was looking for a new challenge. I’d been toying with the idea of starting a podcast and it seemed like the perfect time to actually go ahead and do it. 

It’s been fun, and there have definitely been ups and downs, but I’m glad I did it. 

So if you’ve been considering starting your own podcast, take a listen and I’ll share some of my experiences, and some of the pros and cons of podcasting. 

And as a 100th Episode gift, I've put together a FREE download for you featuring 9 free resources I’ve shared in my podcasts over the last 100 episodes, including:

  • 6 Steps to turning an enquiry into a booking
  • What to include on your FAQ page
  • 5 Easy ways to give back to charity (without working for free or reducing your fees)
  • Which social media platform is right for you
  • 54 Specific ways to attract your ideal clients
  • 55 Affirmations for success
  • 2 Simple ways to find your mojo
  • What is your why?
  • 101 titles for your blog

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I'd like to thank Phil, my editor, all my amazing guests for sharing their wisdom so freely and most of all you, my lovely listener. I hope my podcast has helped you on your private practice journey. Thank you so much xx

Links for the show

Phil King, my editor www.mypodcastassistant.com 

Teresa Heath Waring https://teresaheathwareing.com 

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