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If the financial side of running a therapy business scares you, don't worry because in this episode we look at how to simplifying your private practice accounts.

There are ways you can make things easier on yourself. And I’m all about making things easy! 

So in this episode, I have accountant Amanda Hines from Axe Valley Accountancy to talk about how to set up a simple accounting system.


We look at:

  • The importance of having a business mindset
  • Keeping simple accounts
  • Common misconceptions around expenses
  • The difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant
  • When to consider investing in help 

Amanda is so generous in her advice, so I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode.

So control and get organised.

Amanda Hines 

Amanda has been working with many owner-managed businesses for 20 years, offering a wealth of experience across a broad range of financial processes. Considered the go to person for advice, she is trusted to provide efficient, organised accounting processes and confidence for business owners and directors that their business is in ‘Safe hands’.

Her passion is to enable business owners and their businesses to flourish with sound accountancy advice.  

She offers guidance from initially setting up a company, to providing support for establishing processes and procedures.  

She ensuring the nitty gritty daily work is completed and gives meaningful reports and commentary. You can confidently make the decisions needed for you and your business!

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