Breathe new life into you AND your practice

Start the second half of the year confident, motivated and focussed

There's no getting away from it, we've been through a tough time.

So if you're feeling fed up, burnt out or have basically lost your mojo, this is for you.

The Refresh 5-day challenge will take you from overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out to motivated, inspired and confident, ready to focus on the second half of the year

If you want to:

  • Re-connect with your passion for helping people live their best lives
  • Understand the true benefits having more clients and more income will bring to your life
  • Take control and focus on what YOU want from your practice
  • Tackle Imposter Syndrome head on to stop it holding you back
  • Discover your strengths, so you grow a business that works for YOU

Sorry, you missed the Refresh 5-day challenge!

What You'll Get:

  • A video and worksheet for each daily topic
  • 4 live group calls
  • 2 weeks exclusive access to the Refresh challenge Facebook group to meet others, support, and get supported
  • The chance to with a 1:1 call with Jane, worth £147

Sorry, you missed the Refresh 5-day challenge!

About Your Host

I'm Jane Travis, an ex counsellor that helps therapists to attract more clients, more easily.

Simply put, I work with people just like you to create the practice of your dreams without sacrificing the life you want to live.

Working in private practice means you have choice and freedom, so let's embrace that and build a practice that’s right for YOU.

An ex counsellor myself, I've helped hundreds of therapists to grow their practice via:

  • The Grow Your Private Practice membership
  • The Grow Your Private Practice book
  • The Grow Your Private Practice Show podcast.

So if you're ready to take simple, daily actions to inspire, reconnect with your passion and get your mojo back - come and join us.

You will be very welcome.

We start 21st June 2021 - enter your details below to join us

Sorry, you missed the Refresh 5-day challenge!

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