I’m sure you’ll agree that these are strange times. So I’d like to share with you something we are currently doing in the Grow Your Private Practice membership community. 

You may have more time on your hands because of the lockdown, and I know many clients declined the opportunity to have online counselling. 

But things will change and there will be more of a need for counselling than ever before. Will you be ready?

If not, and you need some motivation I invite you to do the Productivity Power Hour.


Productivity Power Hours, motivation for counsellors during COVID 19

In the Productivity Power Hour, you choose one new thing to learn at a time by spending an hour a day on it. 

Click on the image below to watch the video.

Which is brilliant because:

1. An hour a day is enough time to start seeing results in a few weeks.

1 hour a day = 5 hours a week = 20 hours a month. 

If this lasts 3 months, that’s potentially 60 hours devoted to your practice.

What difference would that make?

2. An hour a day is small enough to fit into your schedule.

At the moment many of us have more free time than ever before. But even if you have kids you could find 2 x 30 mins, 3 x 20 mins. (or you might decide to just do 30 minutes a day, that’s fine too)

3. It gets you focused.

We need structure to our day. There can be a temptation to slob out in our PJ’s, and although I’m partial to doing that occasionally, structure helps you feel like you are achieving something, keeps your mind active and ultimately helps you sleep. 

4. An hour a day allows you to ease into your goal.

Do you want to master social media? SEO? Blogging? Well, they are big subjects and can feel a little overwhelming, so just an hour a day makes it doable. 

5. Setting a time limit can make you more creative

I’m a massive fan of the Pomodoro technique where you use a timer - here’s a link to a blog I wrote about this. 

6. It gets you started

And often, getting started is the hardest part

7. It forces you to chunk it down

Work out what steps do you need to take to achieve the goal, and break it down into achievable steps.

8. You create momentum. 

Sir Isaac Newton once said that an object in motion will remain in motion. So when it comes to achieving a goal, your goal will stay in motion as long as you do something to push it forward a little bit each day. Once you’ve taken the first step, keep that momentum up by working on it for one-hour-a day.

9. An hour-a-day has a cumulative effect. 

One way to think of your one-hour-a-day is as follows: One-hour-a-day comes to 365 hours a year. 

That’s nine 40-hour working weeks. 

That is, by setting aside an hour a day to work on your goal, in one year you’ll have devoted nine weeks —or two months–to your goal.

Not bad, huh?

But I don’t feel motivated!

If you’re not be feeling motivated right now, if you don’t have structure in your day and if you are feeling lethargic then you NEED motivation and this is it. 

You have worked hard to become a counsellor. Too hard to let that slip through your fingers now.

When things change again, which they will, people will need counselling more than ever to help support people with anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, depression, PTSD, loss and grief AS WELL AS everything people already struggled with.

Will you be ready?

Between us, there is an army of amazing counsellors that could all be on social media sharing interesting, helpful, reassuring posts to help people through this time.

And when things change, who do you think people will want counselling with? Those people they formed connections with now. 

The Productivity Power Hour will:

  • Give you something to focus on
  • Help you take back control
  • Focus on helping others via social media

When things change you will be in a far better position, therefore  not have to start from scratch

What to do

1. Choose a category

I have included 2 worksheets below (freely available, no sign up required) which I am using with members of the Grow Your Private Practice community, so there is a list of some of the courses and workshops they have available to them. 

At the top of the worksheet are 6 categories to choose from:

  • Mindset and money
  • Blogging and content
  • Offline and advertising
  • Social media
  • Website and branding
  • Organisation and planning

2. Watch course/workshop

Learn more about that subject. You could read a book, blogs and articles. Or you could watch YouTube videos, IGTV etc

Or take a look at my free resources and blogs. 

Or the Grow Your Private Practice book 

3. Take action

It’s not enough to just learn something new, it’s taking action that counts. Otherwise this is just a form of procrastination. So make a plan of what actions you will take in each of your PPH’s and stick to it.

This is something the Grow Your Private Practice membership community are doing right now in order to make the most of any extra time they have. In the Grow Your Private Practice community there is access to many counsellor specific trainings and workshops. 

I order to support you at this time, I have reduced the monthly membership to just £27 per month, which is less than £1 a day. I think you can see this is excellent value. 

Click the buttons below for your worksheets (no sign up required)

So will you be taking the Productivity Power Hour Challenge?

To find out more about the Grow Your Private Practice community and join, click the button below. 

Join the Grow Your Private Practice Club, and learn how to attract more clients, more easily

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