What to do when your private practice marketing doesn't work - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

You've tried blogging, social media and networking, but your diary is still deserted, with empty pages mocking you.

Maybe you're just not cut out to be in private practice? Maybe you should just forget your dream of being a therapist and get a 9-5.  

What should you do when your private practice marketing isn't working? Let’s take a look...


What to do when your private practice marketing doesn't work - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Sarah Connor’s in trouble: She’s badly hurt her leg but the terminator, despite being blown up, burnt and ripped in two won’t let that stop him achieving his mission, so he drags his broken body across the factory to reach her, slowly...relentlessly...

He will never, ever stop.

Terrifying. I loved the first 2 Terminator films: The terminator totally focused and single minded about it’s mission, and no amount of bullets, fire or ice would stop it.

Being cut in 2 pieces ‘nope, not going to let that minor scratch stop me!’.

Similarly, babies are fascinating. They are like small, cute little terminators that don’t stop moving towards the goal.

Their mission: To walk.

No amount of bumped foreheads, banged bottoms or grazed knees will stop them, they tirelessly keep on trying until eventually, they take a few precious, miraculous, wobbly steps. Yay!

Did you ever meet a baby that fell over and gave up?

No, because they are determined to succeed, because they keep an eye on the prize - more freedom!

Their desire to walk is greater than their fear of falling.

We all know that we learn by our mistakes, and the more painful the mistake, the bigger the lesson.

So why would it be any different when it comes to building a successful private practice?

You've dipped your toe into marketing your private practice

Maybe you've:

  • Written a couple of blog posts
  • Posted on social media
  • Attended a networking event

But  the phone stayed silent, so you told yourself it’s too hard, it doesn’t work, it’s because of the (myth) of the saturated market, because of the area you live in, because no one has any money.

You may have even told yourself it’s because you aren’t good enough (total rubbish, you are good enough! Have a look at this post about Imposter Syndrome).

Maybe you even compare yourself with other counsellors that have just started out and seem to have a full diary (if so you really need to read how to stop comparing yourself with other counsellors)

But it’s none of those things, it just takes 2 things:

1. Time - usually more time than you think. It takes time to build the know, like and trust factor, to build momentum, to get known in your area, to learn a new skill like how to blog to attract clients, to form a social media strategy, to form relationships with people. 

Are you rushing? Are you being realistic in what you want to achieve?


2. Determination. To keep on going with an open mind, be consistent, learn new skills and do the work.

To make the mistakes to learn from. 

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Winning and losing - Jane Travis

Keep going

Don’t give up, you’re doing fine! You can totally do this you just need to keep going.

Get some help, invest the Grow Your Private Practice Club for focussed, targeted therapist specific marketing training, read up on the subject and keep going. 

You can totally do it!

Be like a terminator, and stay focused on the goal.
Be like a toddler and take baby steps.
Learn, be consistent, show up and you will succeed.

Because everything you do, and each mistake, is a stepping stone to success.

And if you need help, come join the club! 

Join the Grow Your Private Practice Club, and learn how to attract more clients, more easily

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