5 commonly help website myths that could be holding you back, with guest expert Sarah Gershone

010: 5 commonly held website myths that could be holding you back

What do clients need when they land on a counsellors website? 

Well in this episode I have the fabulous Sarah Gershone from Strong Roots Web Design talking with me all about this.

Sarah Gershone works specifically with counsellors to make beautiful, functional websites. 

She is also a friend of the Grow Your Private Practice Club and has delivered a highly popular workshop on pimping up your homepage - the replay is available now so if you fancy seeing that, come and join. 

But Sarah stopped me in my tracks when she talked about how unwittingly a therapists website can actually stop people getting the help they need. Powerful stuff, and if you have a website or are thinking of getting one, this is essential listening.

In this episode, we’ll be busting 5 website myths that could be holding you back. 

  1. People will read my site

People access information on a website differently than, say, a book, so if you want people to read it you need to make it super easy for them. 

  1. If you build it they will come

You might have a beautiful site, but are people seeing it?

  1. A free site will be just fine

One of the functions of a therapists website making the client feel safe. So what is the deeper message we are giving out with a free site which might impact the client?

  1. The most important thing is to look good

A website is not just a brochure, it has a purpose. So although looking good is important, what do you ultimately want the client to do?

  1. My website is finished

A website is like a plant: to continue to thrive it needs tending. 

Highlights you can’t miss

13.06 Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself on your website

26.00 How an unpolished site can ring warning bells for clients

35.31 Why counsellors are at an advantage when it comes to knowing clients

40.02 The benefits of a resources section

And Finally…

Did you know that 60% of your website visitors use a mobile device to access the internet? So be sure you check this.

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