How I use creativity to diversify my practice, with Yasmin Shaheen Zaffar

048: How I use creativity to diversify my practice, with Yasmin Shaheen Zaffar

In this week's podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking to Yasmin Shaheen Zaffar, from Redkite Therapy.  Yasmin has a unique approach when it comes to using her creative skills and business mind to help her clients and promote her business brand. 

Learn how Yasmin actively seeks out different channels to raise awareness around the therapy she offers and her business as she strives to take therapy and therapy language and make it more consumer-friendly.

In this episode we explore:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • The Angry Tent
  • Creativity
  • Let’s Shop Shouting day 6th November 2021
  • How to get into the press
  • Crowdfunding

Yasmin is a super hard-working woman who will no doubt inspire you during this podcast.  A valuable listen that will give you new ideas to try in your own business.

About Yasmin

Yasmin is an integrative counsellor in private practice. She is the regional Leeds ambassador for The Creative Counsellors Club and is passionate about creative counselling.

She has developed a number of therapy tools including The Angry Tent, The Anxiety Tent, The R.U.D Process, The Empty Chair Cards and online programs including Lets Stop Shouting and SHED Stress. 

She is also the founder of Lets Stop Shouting Awareness day which happens on Saturday November 6th 2021. 

She has a free Facebook group called ‘My CC Toolkit’ and shares tips on working safely online and weekly online creative interventions.

Links to follow

To join Yasmin's Facebook group, download free resources and find online games please go to the following link

Follow #journorequests for PR opportunities

Support National Let’s Stop Shouting Day using #letsstopshouting21

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