How being a people-pleaser can affect your private practice - and what to do about it with Jane Travis

036: How being a people-pleaser can affect your private practice – and what to do about it

They say ‘we teach what we need to learn’ and I think it’s true. I used to have an online business all about self-help for people-pleasers, and yup, I’m a recovering people-pleaser. 

I’m a whole lot better than I used to be, but I suspect that a lot of counsellors are people pleasers or recovering people-pleasers too. 

And being a people pleaser can have a real impact on your private practice. It can impact how you run your business and even what income you make. It can also lead to resentment and burnout. 

So if you’re a counsellor, how can you handle people-pleasing?

In this episode, we look at:

  • 5 ways being a people pleaser can impact you in private practice
  • 5 solutions to help
  • How it’s not all about the clients’ needs - and that’s ok

I don’t think people pleasing just goes away, I think it’s always going to be there lurking. It’s for us to be aware of it and keep doing the work. And the more work we do, the better we feel. 

Saying no feels very uncomfortable sometimes, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. And it’s totally worth it. 

Counselling is a valuable service - you are providing a valuable service. It’s ok for people to pay for that service and it’s ok to value yourself and what you do. 

It’s not all about the client - and that doesn’t make you selfish. And it’s okay for you to build your business into something that suits you and improves the quality of your life. 

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