Highlights Reel: Using introvert superpowers to attract more clients, with Fifi Mason

059: Highlights Reel: Using introvert superpowers to attract more clients, with Fifi Mason

The Grow Your Private Practice Show has been going now for over a year which means it has become a great resource for counsellors and therapists. 

There have been episodes on so many things, from mindset, social media, organisation, websites, blogging, directories, niching and self-care. 

And some truly amazing guests too sharing their knowledge and expertise so it’s worth taking a look over past episodes to see if there’s anything there that will help you.

Here’s one of the most popular episodes we had, so I’m sharing it again in case you missed it. 

In this episode, Fifi Mason, who works with introverted entrepreneurs to be more visible in their business came to share lots of tips and ideas on how to make the most of your skills as an introvert. 

We looked at:

  • What is the definition of an introvert?
  • The difference between shyness and introversion, and why it’s important to know
  • What business challenges do introverts face?
  • How Fifi manages her energy
  • The challenges of authenticity
  • Tips for introverted business owners
  • How to reduce overwhelm
  • How can we overcome these challenges
  • Introvert superpowers
  • Why Fifi has blue hair

Links to follow:

You can see more about Fifi here fifimason.com

Connect with Fifi on LinkedIn

Grab Fifi’s free workbook Embracing the introvert within

Notion all in one workspace notion.so/product

Free Guide: 11 Steps to master Smalltalk 

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