002 The clients journey into therapy - the Grow Your Private Practice show

002 The clients journey into therapy

When people come to counselling, they go through a process, a journey into therapy and if you want a successful practice for years to come, it’s important to understand this process.

In this episode, I share the 4 stages of the clients’ journey into therapy so you can sow your marketing seeds now ready to harvest in the future. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you're a farmer not a hunter
  • Why advertising has limited success
  • The 4 stages a client goes through when coming to therapy
  • Why people often think counselling isn't right for them
  • How talking about mental health issues in marketing can turn people off
  • Practical examples of things to share
  • How if you do the work now, you'll reap the rewards later

Highlights you can’t miss

2.44 you don't have to sell yourself

9.11 How this works in practice

And Finally…

Take a listen to this oh so simple but highly effective way to increase your chance of success.  


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