Do you feel overwhelmed marketing your private practice_ Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Swans are beautiful birds, aren’t they? Beautiful - and BIG!

Have you ever seen a swan take off? If you have, you’ll know it takes a whole lot of effort - did I mention they are a BIG bird!?

First they have to paddle hard with their feet and flap their wings to rise their big body above the water. Then run on top of the water - that's gonna take some effort!

Now, they start flapping their wings like crazy to get some lift before they get to the right velocity and start to become airborne.

Then there’s more hard work to get some height. Eventually, the whole process becomes easier and their large wings beat, and they fly and glide gracefully.

It’s exactly like that when marketing your private practice. Let me explain... 


Do you feel overwhelmed marketing your private practice_ Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Do you feel overwhelmed marketing your private practice?

Getting started is the most labour intensive part: there’s a lot to do, a lot of things to get started and a lot to learn.

For most people, running a private practice is a whole new skill set, and if you’ve never done it before it can be confusing and overwhelming.

And even if you HAVE been involved in running a business before, running a private practice has it’s own considerations, like personal disclosure for example.

It takes time - a lot of time at the outset. Time to figure out your niche, what you want on your website, your branding, what type of content marketing (blogging, video blog, podcast, workshops) is right for you and then how to actually do it, social media, networking... and how to fit all these pieces together.

Yes. Overwhelming.

The four stages of learning

Remember the 4 stages of competence?

  • 1
    Unconscious incompetence: You don't know how to do something, but aren't really aware of this. An example would be using to make graphics for your practice. You have no awareness why you might need to, or how to go about doing it.
  • 2
    Conscious incompetence: You understand that knowing how to use Canva is a useful addition to your skill set and can see how it will be beneficial, but you're aware that you've no idea how to use it. 
  • 3
    Conscious competence: You learn how to use Canva, but it takes a lot of concentration, maybe checking notes frequently
  • 4
     Unconscious competence: You've used Canva for a while and have become familiar with it, so can use it without having to think about it. It's now second nature. 

It's important to know that with everything in life, we go through these 4 stages. So why would business be any different?

So it's going to feel hard, confusing, overwhelming - there's no other way!

And I think this is where we fall down: we expect too much of ourselves. We expect it to be easy, to just put ourselves on an online directory or pay for an ad and clients will turn up. 

We forget to factor in the time and effort it takes to get started, to learn new skills. 

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Most often the skills aren't hard, they're just new and you'll take some time to get to the 'unconscious competent' stage. But you'll do it!

The issues occur when you have unrealistic expectation on yourself. 

Look, you don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS straight away, but you DO have to commit to working on your business, otherwise you won’t get clients, money and success you want.

This is why in the Grow Your Private Practice Club, we have monthly planning meetings, so you can get really focused on what you want to achieve and how you can make it happen without getting overwhelmed

Progress - Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Small steps taken consistently will get you a very long way. 

If you want a successful private practice you have to remember what it is - a business. And businesses take time, money and effort to be successful.

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Running a business can hard work. It takes persistence and consistency, time and effort.

If you’re not okay with prioritising your business and ultimately you’re not ready to put in the effort required, maybe you’re not ok with running a business at this time: maybe you’re better with a job.

Harsh? Maybe, but I’m just being truthful.

Because if you don’t feel passionate about being a therapist and about seeing those transformations then it’s hard to muster up the motivation to do the work, prioritise marketing, go through the trial and error that’s involved. 


Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of getting started, things change.

  • 1
    You know what you’re doing
  • 2
    You have systems in place, and know the steps you need to take to write your blogs and share on social media, for example.
  • 3
    It becomes easier, less time consuming
  • 4
    You start seeing results, getting the clients, getting the income you want/need
  • 5
    The results motivate you, you believe in yourself and start to trust the process.

That initial investment in time, money and effort becomes worth it as you start seeing the payoff.

You have a regular routine to market your practice, knowing what you need to do and doing it in the most effective way possible with new clients regularly calling.

What can I say - it's totally worth it!

So go easy with yourself! And if you need help thats affordable, check out the Grow Your Private Practice Club.

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