Imagine being crystal clear on how to market your practice and attract your ideal clients.
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Choosing your therapy niche: FREE guide for therapists in private practice

There are many benefits to having a niche or specialty in your Private Practice:

  • Better client outcomes
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    Focus for training, CPD and marketing
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    Build your professional reputation
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    Work with what you're passionate about
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    Be the 'go to' expert

This guide will walk you through 6 steps to choose your therapy niche, along with over 100 suggestions for inspiration.

I felt largely positive in that I had certain things in place, such as a website, but unsure about who I wanted to attract as clients. I had a vague sense that I enjoyed working with certain types of client more than others but hadn't pinpointed why. Even if I had known, I wouldn't have been very clear on how to attract them to my practice.

I hadn't really spent time exploring my thoughts about who my perfect client might be. Perhaps, more to the point, I hadn't had opportunity to talk it through with someone as focused and knowledgable as Jane. Marketing is also very new to me and something of an unknown.

Spending time talking through my practice and my ideas really helped me gain clarity. Suddenly the way forward in terms of who I want to work with and how to develop my practice seemed so obvious!

I feel energised and have much more clarity now about who I want to work with - and why - and so can shape my marketing materials accordingly. The whole process feels demystified and more straightforward than I'd imagined it could.

I really enjoyed my 90 minutes with Jane and felt inspired and enthused throughout the call. It was fun, as well as being focused, and there was a lot of laughter and, for me, a lot of insights. Thank you!


Nicola Vincent

You information is so straightforward and easy to follow. I used your advice of creating a niche and have doubled the number of clients that I have in just a couple of weeks!

Richard Palmer Counsellor

I work full time in NHS so advertising has never been something that crossed my mind. Niches don't feature.

Know Your Niche freed up my mind. Jane asked me to talk about what I do and as I did she expertly teased out a theme....simple. I had received the free blogs / information but was getting in my own way

I feel I am focussed and more confident in building a website aimed at a particular area of work that suits my current style. I feel reassured to know that at any point in the future I can alter this completely or titrate the content by having another session with Jane. I don't need to stress and procrastinate, I'd just have another session!

I would urge anyone thinking of or already working in private practice, to take this opportunity. I had not realised how important this step is. As Jane explained "This is your shop window" you wouldn't create a display and leave it for months to go dusty dull and out of date. The same is true of your virtual shop window. The other part which helped me was how private I usually am but potential clients want to get a sense of who I am in real words not theoretical jargon and symtomology lists

Much gratitude to you Jane. I'm still looking at the content and getting new ideas from the notes. You have given me much to contemplate and I now feel excited!!

Claire Ranshaw

I was feeling a little disheartened and fed up, lost my mojo - I think because of frustration, as I was waiting for clients to contact me.

Know Your Niche has helped bring back my strength of knowledge to know that I can and now know avenues to build upon.

I feel more motivated to 'get on' and do those ideas that I have had and the ones that have been mentioned.

Jo ann Burns