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Neurodivergent Voices in Therapy: Part 1, with Chris Oxborrow

Welcome to this, the first of my 4 part mini-series, Exploring Neurodivergence In Therapy.

In this mini series, I had the pleasure of speaking with 4 amazing therapists about how their neurodivergence impacts them as private practitioners.  

We explore what it’s like to run a practice when you are affected by autism, ADHD, dyslexia or a combination of those things. 

So if you are neurodiverent, or know people that are, this is for you.


In the first of this Exploring Neurodivergence In Therapy mini-series, I’m delighted to have the fabulous Chris Oxborrow with me, and we talk about some of her experiences of ADHD.

We look at how to manage some challenges being neurodivergent may bring, and also what positive aspects they have. 

We look at:

  • What even IS neurodivergence?
  • Getting a diagnosis
  • What is ADHD Tax?
  • Fault Vs repair
  • Masking: internally an externally
  • The need to practice self compassion

Chris Oxborrow

Chris describes herself as a neurodivergent Psychotherapist who specialises in working predominantly with high achieving personalities, but also with neurodivergent clients and those navigating the menopause (sometimes all 3!). 

She supports clients to discover their authentic sense of themselves and how their needs can be met with more compassion and self-acceptance. 

From Jan 2024 she will also be working as a Menopause and HRT Educator, supporting clients to discover how they want to manage their menopausal experience and how to access appropriate HRT related health care.

Check out Chris's website Beyond Counselling and you can contact her at 


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