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Making Videos for Social Media: A Therapist’s Guide

Do you use video in your marketing, whether that’s on your website, social media, YouTube or somewhere else?

There’s no denying it, video has become increasingly important in marketing. So if you’re thinking of utilising the power for your own practice but don’t know where to start, making videos for social media, a therapist’s guide, with guest expert Sarah Dosanjh is for you. 


There's no getting away from it, video is everywhere. 

According to Sprout Social in their blog 'Social Media Video Statistics Marketers Need to Know for 2023’, users will retain 95% of a message watched on video as opposed to only 10% read in text. Interesting, right?

And more than 54% of marketers say that video is the most valuable content type for achieving social media marketing goals.

Yet video is also the most underutilised format across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, comprising 14%, 11% and 5% of each network’s content respectively.

Maybe it’s time to take advantage of this. 

Do you use video in your marketing? And if not, why not?

Could it be that…

  • Maybe you have a fear of visibility?
  • Perhaps a fear of being trolled?
  • Maybe you’re not sure what to say?
  • Or maybe the tech scares you?

Well if you answered yes to any - or all of those, this is the episode for you, because we are exploring making videos for social media.

And I’m delighted to have therapist and YouTuber Sarah Dosanjh here as my guest.

She has produced her own successful YouTube channel ‘The Binge Eating Therapist’ since 2019, and as such knows a thing or two about using video.

And today, Sarah shares some advice about

  • How to get started
  • Managing fears around visibility
  • What tech you will need
  • Some practical tips about editing

Which can really trip us up.

So click play on the podcast above - I think you’re going to like this one!

Now I’m feeling so motivated, I've decided that in Q2 (April - June) I am going to focus on starting to produce video and get more comfortable with it. 

There, I said it out loud. So are you going to join me? Hop on over to my socials and let me know. 

Making Videos for Social Media: A Therapist's Guide

So if you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into video, I hope this has inspired you to take the plunge too. 

About Sarah Dosanjh

Sarah Dosanjh is a TA psychotherapist and author of the book ‘I Can't Stop Eating’. She is passionate about helping those struggling with binge eating and/or body image to find peace and freedom around food.

And if you are in or around Bournemouth or are happy to travel there, Sarah is offering to help you 1:1 to get started. 

If that sounds good to you, or you want to check out her YouTube channel, podcast, book, training or anything else, take a look at her 'how can I help' page for details.  

Sarah has been a guest on my podcast before, so also check out:

Ep 81 ‘The Reality of Consistency’

Ep 37 ‘How Having a Niche Diversified My Business’.

Oh, and unfortunately the lapel mic Sarah talked about is no longer available on Amazon, so if you want to invest in one, look for a lapel mic that connects directly to your phone.

And I'd love to know if you are using video already. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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