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Is walk and talk therapy right for your practice?

When you think of therapy, what comes to mind? Maybe 2 people sitting facing each other talking. But that’s not going to work for everyone.

So today I’m going to explore walk and talk therapy with therapist Eileen Fisher.

We’ll take a look at her experience of offering this type of therapy so you can consider, is walk and talk therapy right for your practice?

So if you’re interested in learning more about how walk and talk therapy works, read on…


When I think of therapy, I think of 2 people, sitting in a room talking, at least, that’s how I used to do it. 

Or the public often imagine one laying on a couch...


But that’s not the only way there is.

Today I talk with Eileen Fisher about her experiences of offering walk and talk therapy so you can consider is walk and talk therapy right for your practice. 

We talk about:

  • How she got into walk and talk therapy
  • The benefits of walk and talk therapy
  • Is this more useful for a certain type of person?
  • How do you choose where to walk
  • Should you charge more for walk and talk therapy?
  • How do you approach safety?
  • How to handle confidentiality?
  • Can I do this if I’m in an urban area?
  • What about insurance?
  • How to handle bad weather
  • Introducing creativity

Eileen has such a calm and reassuring voice, I could talk to her all day. 

So over to you, is twalk and talk therapy right for your practice? Is this something you’d be interested in doing?

Well if you are and you’d like a chat with Eileen, she offers a power hour where you can get together and get your questions answered. And as she mentioned, if you are in the Greater Manchester area, you could even have your chat while on a walk - how cool is that? CLICK HERE to learn about walk and talk therapy for therapists

About Eileen Fisher

Eileen is a TA therapist who works with adults in Cheshire and Greater Manchester. 

Her practice is a mix of online, face-to-face and walking clients. She sees clients face-to-face at her office in Wilmslow and walks with people at nearby locations.

She started walking with people in 2018, and now walking therapy is integral to her practice. 

Eileen now offers walking therapy training to therapists interested in working with clients in this way. If you'd like to learn more visit Eileen Fisher Therapy HERE

I hope you found this podcast as interesting as I did, and if you decide to offer walking therapy, I'd love to know! 

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Is walk and talk therapy right for your practice?


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