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  • How to use CPD for personal, professional and business growth, with guest John Wilson

How to use CPD for personal, professional and business growth, with guest John Wilson

If you’re a counsellor or psychotherapist, CPD is something you’ll be doing throughout your professional life. So today we have special guest John Wilson from Onlinevents who knows a thing or two about training and CPD. 


A psychotherapist since 2005, John Wilson is also a trainer at Temenos and has run Onlinevents with his sister for 10 years.

Onlinevents provides a vast range of varied CPD activities for counsellors and psychotherapists, from interviews with specialists, trainers and authors to interactive workshops. 

Today he shares some of his vast experience to help us get the most out of the CPD we consume.

So how do you use  CPD for growth in your personal, professional and business life?

In this episode we look at:

  • Where would you recommend a newly qualified counsellor start with CPD?
  • The benefits of ‘dipping your toe in’ with different training and trainers before you commit to a larger piece of training
  • How there’s more to training than just learning
  • The importance of personal development for both you and your client work.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and discovered a few ways to use CPD for growth. If you did, please be sure to hit subscribe so you get the latest episodes delivered directly to your device. 

Have a fabulous day and hope to see you next week.

About John

John has been facilitating Counselling & Psychotherapy programmes in the UK for more than 10 years.

Currently the director at Temenos Education he also has a private practice where he offers online Psychotherapy and Supervision using video and chat communication platforms along with virtual environments. He is also the co-founder of Onlinevents which has grown to be the world’s largest library of online video and audio content with instant certification and a learning log.

As well as this, he is also a past chair of the Association for Counselling & Therapy Online (ACTO) and has served for 6 years on the board of the World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling.

His passion to bring online learning into the field of Counselling & Psychotherapy has also led to the development of online experiential learning within the Temenos programme, facilitating the exposure of Temenos students to external tutors who are located in different parts of the world. 

Links to follow:

You can read an article John co-authored about online group facilitation here


Onlinevents CPD Library

Find Onlinevents on all the social media platforms - NOTE there is only one E in the middle! 

Onlinevents' Twitter

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