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Do you ever have those days when one minute, you feel like you can take on the world and accomplish almost anything and then the next, you have about as much energy and enthusiasm as a grumpy teenager? 

These changes in our mood and energy directly impact our productivity at home, at work, and in life in general and usually result in us rating our day as good or bad.

But what if I suggested that you change that language and instead of labelling your day’s productivity as good or bad that you refer to it as ebb and flow?

What does that mean?


A GYPP member kindly contacted me to suggest the topic of this week’s podcast, How to Stay Productive, Even on Low Energy Days.  She commented, “you once sent me a blog about ebb and flow energy, and it’s been invaluable to me at times when my motivation has been low and my imposter syndrome high”.

Naomi Dunford wrote this particular blog from ittybiz in 2017, and in it, she takes a behind-the-scenes look at why bad days happen.  She highlights the importance of recognising your energy levels so that you can achieve realistic tasks during both these cycles to make the most of your day.

In this podcast, I share practical tips that I have found beneficial to make the most of my ebb and flow that I hope will be invaluable to you too.

We can’t meet every day with the same amount of energy, but trust that you will get things done and do what works for you.

Links to follow

Naomi’s original blog ‘How To Stay Amazingly Productive On Low Energy Days

Episode 12: Your business, your rules.

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Jane lives in beautiful Lincoln with her 2 boys and rescue dog. When she's not talking about herself in the third person, she's usually found with her feet up and eating Maltesers. Sometimes she even shares them with friends.