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How to start your private practice branding on a budget with Laura Pearman

Starting in private practice can be expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, the good news is there are many, many ways to start your private practice branding on a budget. 

I ‘bootstrapped’ my business, and so did Laura Pearman, todays guest expert. And in this podcast we look at how to get started without spending a fortune.

Laura is a brand strategist and international photographer and she knows a thing or two about how to stand out in the crowd in a busy market, and she shares some absolute gems that I know you’re going to love. 


Laura has also offered listeners a very special opportunity to work with her at a 50% reduction, so to take advantage of that very generous offer, the link is below

I'll be looking at:

  • Why you shouldn’t spend a lot on when you’re starting out
  • How to make the most of professional services when the time is right
  • Starting with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • The importance of a good headshot
  • Top tips for taking a stand out selfie
  • How to share personal photos on Instagram if you don’t like being on camera
  • How to choose the right photographer for you

And as an extra special treat, Laura has exclusively offered you a great opportunity that might interest you - with a 50% discount..  

About Laura Pearman

Laura is a brand strategist and international photographer. She lives in Tyne & Wear with The Viking and Suki the Cat, and lives her life as a modern-day vintage pinup.

She helps ambitious business owners turn up the volume on their businesses with brand strategy, creative direction and brand photography.

And she is also a passionate feminist.

She is the host of #MwahTV on YouTube

And you can watch her episode ‘How Much Money Should You Spend on Your Brand? Why You Should NEVER Spend Big on Your First Brand’ HERE 

Connect with her on Instagram  

Check out her website at  www.laurapearman.com

To apply & find out more about her special Branding Offer of 50% off, click here

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