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How to find and use hashtags can seem bewildering. But using hashtags on social media is a free, easy and effective way to get your posts in front of more people with an interest in that subject. 

So it makes sense to invest a little time into learning how to use them. 

So if hashtags mystify you, take a listen to this Jane Explains episode where I answer a listeners question about how to find and use hashtags. 

I’ll share with you what are they, how to find them and how to use them to grow your followers and attract more clients.

So let's see what practical steps you can take to to make hashtags work for you.


Every month, I answer a listeners question and today, I’m responding to Paulas question. 

She said:

I have a question about hashtags on Instagram. 


I’m struggling to know:

  • The best hashtags to use
  • The best way to find hashtags?

 I'm sitting here researching hashtag strategies but there are so many it’s mind-blowing!


Thank you



Brilliant question Paula. 

And you're right, with so much differing information around about how to find and use hashtags it can feel really overwhelming.

If you've listened to my podcasts before, you'll know I like to keep things simple, so in this episode, I share my 6 steps process for finding and using hashtags. 

We explore:

  • What hashtags are
  • How they are used on different social media platforms
  • How to use them to grow your practice
  • Choosing hashtag categories
  • How to find appropriate hashtags

How to search hashtags on Instagram:

It's not easy describing how to do things on a podcast when really, a picture really helps. So here are some screenshots of how I do hashtag research in Instagram.

How to find and use hashtags

1. Type your search term into the search bar and select 'See all results'.

How to find and use hashtags: Jane Travis

2. Tap on the hashtag symbol.

How to find and use hashtags: Jane Travis

3. Select relevant hashtags according to name and follower number.

I hope this helps you find and use hashtags on social media and Instagram.

Do you have a question you’d like answering? Just drop me an email to jane@janetravis.co.uk and you could get it answered on a Jane Explains episode. 

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Jane lives in beautiful Lincoln with her 2 boys and rescue dog. When she's not talking about herself in the third person, she's usually found with her feet up and eating Maltesers. Sometimes she even shares them with friends.