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Getting Started With Facebook Pages

You KNOW Facebook is a great way to market your private practice... but how do you get started?

  • Do I have to disclose my address?
  • What about privacy?
  • I'm a technophobe, it's just so daunting!

If setting up a Facebook Page for your business feels confusing, just grab this FREE tutorial and get started today.

Getting started with Facebook Pages - Jane Travis, grow Your Therapy Business

‚ÄčIn this FREE 5 video series, I cover:

  • An overview of Facebook accounts 
  • Setting up your first page correctly
  • Creating beautiful, professional images
  • Using settings to protect your page and attract clients
  • Using your page, getting likes and growing your practice

You'll also get a 5 day email mini course to look closer at making your Facebook Page work for you

Your business will be up and running and connecting with clients on Facebook in no time

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