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Did you know I run a membership for counsellors and therapists called Grow Your Private Practice? 

Yes, and it includes training, workshops, resources, events - well, lots to help you attract more clients. 

But it’s so much more than a place to access training, it’s a community too. 

So if you’re trying to build your business, do you really need the Grow Your Private Practice membership?

Let’s take a look


First things first, what even IS the Grow Your Private Practice membership? 

The GYPP membership is a place for counsellors and therapists wanting to attract more clients more easily, and it includes all manner of support and training. 

Sounds great, but won’t that be expensive?’ 

Well before we go any further, let's talk about money for a moment, because with the cost of living crisis, thats top of mind right now for many of us. 

How much is the Grow Your Private Practice membership?

Probably less than you think!

Why? Because of lockdown. 

I’d just increased the price when the lockdown hit, so I reduced it again (and refunded those that had started paying more) because I knew the situation for counsellors - basically, if offering F2F they were up the creek, were worried they would lose all income and needed support. 

So I reduced the price back down from £47 to where it was, which was £35 in order to support you.

And it’s stayed at £35 since

To be honest, mainly because I’ve struggled with burnout for a while and just didnt have the bandwidth to do it. Whenever I increase the fee I let people know so they can jump in and get locked in to the current lower price (the price you pay will never increase from the one you joined with), so it’s like a mini launch with a lot of moving pieces. 

The price will increase before too long but right now it’s £35. Slightly more than £1 a day, which represents amazing value.

Let's explore this a little more. 

The fee for Grow Your Private Practice is a business expense, so it's tax-deductible. 

But it’s also classed as an investment, which means you can expect a return on that investment. 

Ruth, testimonial Grow Your Private Practice

As Ruth says:

‘It was well worth the investment and I'm reaping back what I invested. I have learnt sooooooo much and that has lead to me having a full private practice. I cannot thank Jane enough.’

If what you learn helps you attract one new client that stays for 10 sessions, if your fee is £50 that would bring you £500. Not too shabby.

Or another way of looking at it is £500 will pay for over 14 months of membership, and who knows how many clients you will attract in that time.

It’s worth remembering that if you earn £50 a month, 3 new clients would bring in £600 a month, every month. And that's just 3 clients. 

That’s gotta be worth learning some marketing skills, isn't it? What difference would an extra £600 a month make to your life? 

NOTE: It’s probably obvious that I can't guarantee how many clients you will get, just like you can't make guarantees to your clients. But the focus in the membership is on taking action, because that's what will bring you success, whatever that looks like for you. 

What’s included in the Grow Your Private Practice membership?

Well, lots of things, all designed to lighten the load for you. Hop on over to growyourprivatepractice.co.uk to take a look, or let me go through them.

The Private Practice Success Roadmap

The Private Practice Success Roadmap shows you all those activities you know you want to do to grow your practice, but have no idea how to get started.  

It gives you comprehensive knowledge on a series of topics - a jumping off point you can build on. 

  1. The Foundations Course

First there is the Foundations Course, where you’ll get off to the best possible start. 

It comes in 2 parts: 

Section 1 is all about you and your wants and needs. 

Section 2 is all about your clients and their wants and needs, and includes how to choose your niche.  

Having a niche is something fundamental that helps in ALL your marketing, and it’s what makes you stand out from the other 500 counsellors in your area.

I love helping people choose their niche and I even devised The Seedling Niche, a process for you to decide on a broad niche to get you started in order to make the process easier for you.  

And as empathy is a superpower for counsellors, I introduce you to The Emapthy Exercise, a deceptively powerful exercise to get into the head of your ideal client so you understand them and therefore know how to attract them.

  1. Quickstart

This explores getting started quickly, no website required. 

  1. Your Website Blueprint

That said, you WILL need a website at some point, so next we have the Your Website Blueprint course to guide you through the process. 

It starts with a basic question: ‘should you DIY or get it done for you?’. 

Whichever is the right choice for you, we then look at what your website needs. Things like what pages will it need and what to say on those pages. 

You work your way through the workbook and once it’s completed, you everything you need to either put on your website or hand to your web designer.

  1. Social Media Made Simple

Social Media Made Simple looks at everything to do with social media. 

It covers everything, explaining from what platforms want from you, how to increase that all important  engagement, which platform to choose and what to post.

It even includes The Social System, a handy downloadable guide to make the most of each post you publish. 

  1. Blogging With Confidence.

Taking you through everything from basics like what even is a blog, to content pots and what to write about. 

And again, download The Blogging Blueprint to keep by your side every time you write a blog. 

So, would that help you?

But that's not all…

The Course Library

The Private Practice Success Roadmap covers some of the main marketing subjects.

The Course Library adds to that knowledge and has:

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Guest expert workshops
  • Challenges
  • Resources 
  • … and replays of everything we’ve done in the membership. 

There's help with so many subjects. Everything from SEO, Google ads, planning, productivity - you name it, it's probably there. 

But not only that, you'll find lots to do with both mindset and money mindset  because to be honest, mindset is everything. 

For example, I can show you how to write a social media post, but if your imposter syndrome sparks up, or your perfectionism, procrastination or any of those things come into play, you could easily self sabotage yourself so you never even post it. 

So there's lots of help with mindset too.

And remember, you get access to all this for £35 a month. 

But that’s not all, because we have monthly live workshops too. 

Live Workshops

Monthly Coaching Call

I don’t know about you, but when I do any online learning, I always have questions I want to ask. How does this apply to me? What if…?

I dread to think just how much time I’ve wasted stubbornly trying to figure things out on my own. I’ve even shed tears! 

You know that feeling, when you’ve wrangled with something for yonks and when you finally asked for help, in an instant it all made sense?

Well, that’s what happens in the membership. Help is only ever a click away, and there are 2 ways to get help;

  1. The members Facebook community, available 24/7 for questions and support.

  1. The monthly Coaching Call

Every month you get the chance to ask your questions and pick my brain. So make a note of your questions throughout the month, and you can basically ask me anything and I’ll do my very best to answer you. 

Plan, Create, Post

Tell me, would having 8 social media posts all ready to post every month help you? Basically that’s a whole months posts.

It would? Well, every month we have the Plan, Create, Post call, designed to sort your social media for the next month. 

I give you some plug and play posts you can adapt to it yourself, and I also guide you through writing your own posts. 

But that’s not all. 

Quarterly action plan

Ok, as you can see there's loads available to you in the membership. It's so important not to overload yourself with trying to do too many things at once. 

You don’y get extra brownie points for watching all the training, all that would happen then is you would be even more confused and overwhelmed, and that’s not good for anyone.  Really a false economy. 

I want you to feel in control and relaxed. 

So I have the antidote - the Quarterly Action Plan. 

Have you ever sat down to do some marketing work and simply not known what to do? So you just flit from one thing to another, maybe get lost down a few social media rabbit holes and do that ‘busy’ work, which basically means ‘faffing’ but not achieving much. 

(Or is that just me?)

If you’re nodding, then you’ll know what an absolute waste of your time it is. 

So every quarter we get together and I help you decide on what to focus on for that quarter. 

Because the old adage of ‘what we focus on improves’ is very true and works like a little modern day magic. 

What you focus on improves

You choose a main focus, and secondary focus and a personal focus. 

And this focus means you make progress in your practice so your practice grows.

Again, all this is included in the £35 monthly fee. 

Members Facebook community

Have you ever hesitated to ask a question in a group in case you get shot down in flames? Well, you’ll know it makes you feel cautious about posting again, which can stop you asking for help. And we all need help sometimes, don’t we. 

The Grow Your Private Practice community isn't like that. 

What we have is a support group, full of people all working towards the same thing. We aren’t there to debate the finer points of therapy or make a point, we are purely there to support each other through the process. 

To support and be supported. 

The Power Hour

This service is for members only, where basically you can come and pick my brain. It could be about niching, website feedback, social media, blogging, second sources of income ideas…its really up to you.  There is an extra charge for this service, but it can really help get you unstuck and bring some clarity to what you’re doing. 

CPD Certificates

And last, but by no means least, CPD certificates are available for all courses and workshops. 

Do you have questions about the membership? Please drop me an email and I shall get back to you. Email at jane@janetravis.co.uk

But here are some popular questions I've been asked:


Q: How much time will I need to spend in the membership?

A: I see the membership how I see a gym. If you invest in a gym and put in the work, you will see the results. But if you join and just go in the sauna and have lunch or cake in the cafe, then you wont. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course… <cough>

I’d say at least a couple of hours a week. 

But let's be clear here, you can listen to workshops while cooking, or you can plan and write in a cafe over coffee and cake. I offer suggestions about saving time and effort with everything I do in order to make the process and easy, pleasurable and yes, fun as you can.

And remember, you can learn at a time that suits you best. 

Q: Can’t I learn it all from the internet?

A: Yes, probably. But it takes time - time to work out what you need to learn, and time to sort the wheat from the chaff. Often free training only goes so far and you have to work the rest of it out yourself.  

Oh, and you can read books, listen to podcasts etc. You can even read my book Grow Your Private Practice, or listen to my podcast The Grow Your Private Practice Show too!

Do you have the time available to do that?

In the membership, it’s all there ready for you to get started right now. 

Q: What if it's not for me?

A: Absolutely no problem at all. Come along, have a good look around and if you decide its not right for you, just email me within 14 days and you’ll get a no quibble refund. I want you to be completely happy with your membership. 

And when it’s time to leave us, again the process is easy. You can just cancel yourself with just a couple of clicks. 

So really, it's a no risk situation for you. 

I hope this has helped you get more of an understanding of how the Grow Your Private Practice membership will help you. 

Yes, because of all the training available, but it’s so much more than that. 

Being a member means you are part of a supportive group of peers. You always have somewhere to ask questions, or just vent if you're having a bad day. And I encourage you to share your wins so they can be celebrated by myself and the group. 

And being a member means you get the practical help necessary so you can feel less overwhelmed, more in control. 

It’s no magic wand solution, you have to take action and do the work. But having all that support makes all the difference. 

You’ve worked so hard to be a therapist. Now, make the practice you dream of. 

I started this blog by asking the question ‘Do you really need the Grow Your Private Practice membership’, and the answer is no, you don’t NEED it, you can find lots of free info around the internet, in books and on podcasts. 

But if you want to be more productive, less stressed and you’re ready to take control of your business and grow, then yes, you will really benefit from joining us. 

Take advantage of this current low price while it’s still available, focus on building your practice now, and give your business a fighting chance.  

I hope to see you on the inside soon. 

If you're ready to get started now, just CLICK HERE now or click the button below. 

Join the Grow Your Private Practice Club, and learn how to attract more clients, more easily

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