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90% of therapist directory listings suck…

Why? Because they're bland, boring and, frankly, blah.

If you want a regular flow of clients from online directories, then you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Not by listing your extensive qualifications, but by speaking directly to those people you help.

With The Directory Revival you'll get a personalised listing audit, where I'll assess your profile to be sure it passes the '3 C's test'.

Then you'll get highly specific recommendations to make your profile shine and you will become the logical choice.

Sign up to the waitlist now and make sure your profile is working effectively to attract more clients!

In this small but mighty service, I will review your online directory profile, then give you my feedback so you can change and amend it to attract more clients.

Have you ever wondered why some therapists attract lots of clients from online directories while others barely get noticed?

Hint - it's not about getting more qualifications…

Because being the best counsellor in your area doesn't automatically mean clients will choose you over others OR that you'll easily attract new clients.

It's not just about being listed - it's about how you're listed.

Online directories are busy places, so if you want them to work for you, you need to concentrate on what your ideal clients need from you and from therapy.

How it works

Did you ever wish you could have an expert give you feedback on your directory entry?

Well, you can!

Step One

I will review your online directory entry.

Step Two

We'll jump on a 20 minute Zoom call and I'll give you my feedback.

Step Three

After 20 minutes you'll know exactly what you need to do to get your profile noticed.

Step Four

I'll record the call for future reference.

You'll be surprised at what we can cover in 20 minutes!

Testimonial - Elaine Tarsh

I found Jane's advice incredibly valuable and insightful. She offered many practical suggestions that helped me rethink my approach to making changes and better connect with the clients I want to work with.

I feel more confident about my directory entry and have new ideas to develop my practice further.

I found the service immensely helpful. Jane's insight was so valuable, cutting through my inability to see what needed to be changed.

Elaine Tarsh

Testimonial - Lynn Hanford-Day

A lot of juicy recommendations in a short focused session, all of them immediately actionable.

It did what it said on the tin! Very specific, very focused on my directory profile. Very helpful with actionable advice and recommendations.

Lynn Hanford-Day

WHy me?

I've been helping therapists to attract more clients for years:

  • I'm an ex counsellor and supervisor with 14 years experience
  • I founded and ran the Lincoln Counsellors Network for 4 years
  • I run the Grow Your Private Practice membership
  • I wrote the Grow Your Private Practice book
  • I produced The Grow Your Private Practice Show podcast

So I know what your profile needs to make it stand out.

Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

The Directory Revival sessions are only available a few times each year.

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