Your Clients Journey

Into Therapy

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Your Clients Journey Into Therapy

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Accessing therapy isn't done on an impulse, and reaching the point of contacting a therapist isn't straightforward. As a private practitioner, it's important to have an understanding of this.

So how can you increase your chance of being chosen when they are ready to take that step?

In this free guide, I look at the 4 stages of the client's journey into therapy. I share examples what each stage might look like along with how to help them at each of the stages.

This is perfect for your practice if…

  • You're not sure where your next client is coming from
  • Online directories aren't bringing the results youd hoped for
  • You seem to lose clients after a single session and you don't know what happened
  • You know you can absolutely help your clients but for some reason, no one is getting in touch

What's inside?

In this free guide, I introduce you to the 4 stages a client goes through before being ready to make contact with you:

  • I know something is wrong, but I'm not exactly sure what
  • I know what's wrong, but don't know if there is a solution
  • I know there is a solution, but don't know which solution is right for me
  • I know I want therapy, but I don't know which therapist to choose

As a private practitioner, it's essential to guide people through these stages and let them know you are the best choice of therapist for them.

Why I made this for you

By thoroughly understanding your clients and the process they go through, you can produce helpful content for each stage of the journey.

This makes you stand out in the sea of therapists.

And when the time is right, YOU will be the person top of mind that the client chooses to contact. 

* Read the privacy policy to see how I take care of your data.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Jane Travis, and I LOVE helping therapists to find more clients, more time and more freedom.

Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Previously a counsellor for 14 years, I now work with therapists like you to grow your practice and find success, whatever that looks like for you.

I provide training, support and resources in my membership to help you build the practice you want, whether that is just a few clients a week or a full-time income.

I'm the author of the book Grow Your Private Practice, producer of The Grow Your Private Practice Show podcast and owner of the Grow Your Private Practice membership. 

So grab the free guide and see how to attract more clients. 

Let's talk about Jenny

  • Jenny has all the trappings of a nice house, job, family etc.
  • She thought this would make her happy, but instead, she feels disappointed and unsatisfied
  • She can't sleep, feels anxious and has a low mood. She is confused about why she feels this way
  • So on top of her low mood, she feels guilty and hasn't linked the dissatisfaction in life to her anxiety

How can you help Jenny?

Jenny is at stage 1 of her journey into therapy. She isn't ready to access therapy yet, but by sharing valuable, helpful and relevant content that helps her right now, she becomes aware of you and you are now on her radar. 

In the guide I share 5 content ideas to help potential clients like Jenny.

I also share examples of the other 3 stages of the journey to therapy along with ideas to help at each stage. 

Your Clients Journey Into Therapy

* Read the privacy policy to see how I take care of your data.