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When to choose a niche in your private practice - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

When to choose a therapy niche

How do you know When to choose a niche for your therapy practice?

Recently in a Facebook group I'm a member of, the subject of having a niche came up.

Someone said 'Ever since I started my business over a decade ago, I became aware of business coaches who insisted that "picking a niche" is the most important first step I need to do'.

And it made me think - is there a right time to choose a niche? Is having a niche right for everyone? And how do people naturally 'fall into' a niche?

Let's take a look...

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Choosing your therapy niche - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Choosing A Therapy Niche

Imagine this: You love your job, but someone new has started and they are making your life a misery: They undermine you, they blame you for anything that goes wrong and they criticize you.

This is having a detrimental effect on you and your work. You’ve gone from being a happy, smiley and helpful person to feeling stressed, anxious and not wanting to go to work.

You need help. So where do you go?

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Do I need a niche in my therapy practice_ - Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Do I Need A Niche In My Therapy Practice?

For authentic, light as a cloud gnocchi, you go to an Italian restaurant, for a banging curry, the local Indian. For dim sum, you’d search out a Chinese restaurant and for a great Sunday roast, you need a great British pub.

Why would you go to those places?

Because they have a specialty, they are experienced in making those foods. They have honed their skills.

You know they have trained and experienced chefs, not someone that knows how to operate a microwave.

You can get Chinese, Italian, Indian and British food - and many more types of food in Wetherspoons, but if you fancied an Indian meal it wouldn't be your first choice (even on a curry night!).

Why is that?

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