Jane Travis


want to stand out from the other 500 counsellors in your area?

You had a dream of being a counsellor, working with clients and making a difference.

But the reality is turning out to be something entirely different. 

Who knew attracting clients would be so tricky? With websites, social media, blogging, networking, advertising, and branding all feeling so intimidating - where do you even start?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and despondent, and maybe a little lonely as you try to figure it all out alone. 

And you don't want to seem salesy or pushy, so you sign up for an online directory and hope for the best. 

Okay, stop!

Before your dream turns into a full blown wake-up-panting,-sweating-and-shaking nightmare, take a big, deep breath.

It doesn't have to be like that.

You need some help, that's all!

Someone in your corner, on your side so you don't feel so alone with all this.  Someone like me that's also a counsellor so truly understands the issues around ethical marketing. 

Kind of like counselling for your practice - the time and space to explore what you want from your business and focus on how to make that happen. 

You offer a unique combination of coaching, business and counselling skills, which means that not only were you able to encourage me, help me reach my goals and learn new business strategies, but you were also able to spot the mindset blocks that were probably the biggest issue of all! It's a powerful combination and exactly what I needed.

Juliette Dyke www.thecoastalcoach.com

Whether it's your website, branding, social media, networking or blogging I can help you put the pieces of the marketing jigsaw puzzle together.

And more importantly, I can help you overcome your fears and realize that you CAN do this, secure in the knowledge that you're not being pushy or salesy.

I'll be here for you so you can get off that endless hamster wheel of overwhelm and confusion and explore with you what's best for you to focus on, so you can stop wasting your precious time on ad hoc, ineffectual marketing methods and spend your time doing the thing you want to - making a difference for clients. 

And guess what? We'll probably have fun while we do it!

So if that online directory isn't bringing you the clients you want, contact me today

I just wanted to say a BIG thankyou! I am much more confident with marketing, I sometimes still seem to struggle keeping up with my Facebook posts, but that is because I am now so much busier than I was!

Your training has given me a niche, and confidence in what I am doing. I am sure this has a knock on effect with client work. 

I am now pretty busy and turning clients away!! So all in all a very big thankyou Jane

Julia Duffin www.juliaduffincounselling.co.uk