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Building and Developing your Therapy Website, with Theo Ruby

If you're a therapist in private practice, your website is important tool to help attract the right clients to you.

So if you are ready for your first website, or you have a website and now realise it's not quite what you need, this is for you. 

In this episode, I chat with website and digital marketing consultant Theo Ruby about building and developing your therapy website.


Getting your first therapy website

When you start out in private practice, getting your first website can be a minefield. 

To start with, you might not have much money to invest in it.

But also, you don't actually know what you want, what you need or what you don’t need.

So of course, you do your best with what you have.  And you make something, or get something made and think cool, that’ll be just fine! 

Only a little further down the line, you realise that actually, it's not quite what you need. 

This is the bad place

Developing your therapy website

So if that’s you, or you are about to embark on your first website don’t worry, don’t panic. You don’t have to rush this, you have time to learn about what you want.

Today, I chat with website and digital marketing consultant Theo Ruby who works a lot with therapists.

We discuss, amongst other things:

  • The importance of owning your own website

  • Dealing with web designers

  • The necessity for regular updates

  • Keeping it simple

  • The importance of content marketing for therapists (blogs, videos and podcasts)

  • Mobile responsiveness

  • Changing web platforms

  • Dropping the perfectionism

  • The importance of SEO

  • What if I break my website!?

  • How much will it cost?

  • Google Analytics

  • What pages do you need on your website

A website is never finished

It's a constantly growing and evolving entity. So perfection is never the objective, because there is literally no such thing. So do your best, but remember, you can change things at any time. 

We cover a lot in this podcast! So it’s well worth a listen. Just click the play button on the podcast details above. 

Your input on your website is important

It’s important to remember that a web designer is (hopefully!) experienced in creating amazing websites.

However, don’t automatically think they know best when it comes to designing YOUR website, because in my experience they very rarely understand the needs of a therapist or their clients. The way we market out practices is very different to how most other businesses are marketed.

This is why in my membership, I have the Your Website Blueprint course, which walks you through everything you need, including what pages you need and what to include on each of those pages.

You finish with a complete document you can either use to create your own website, or share with your web designer. 

If that sounds useful to you, checkout the Grow Your Private Practice membership.

Making mistakes is normal!

Important: realising that you need to change something fundamental about your website is a pretty normal right of passage. It happened to me, and it happens to lots of people.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so you do your best with what you have. 

If you’ve realised that your website isn’t working for you, it’s frustrating. But please don’t beat yourself up about it.

Treat it as a valuable learning experience. Now, you are in a far better position to make a website that you will be proud of and that works hard to attract the clients you want and need. 

Finally, a massive thank you to Theo for being so generous with his knowledge. If you need help with your website, SEO or even your Google Business Profile, check him and and see how he can help you. 

I really hope this episode has been useful to you whether you are about to start your first website, or are realising that you need to update the one you currently have. 

And of course, if you need help from either of us, just reach out.

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About Theo Ruby

'As an experienced digital marketer with 12 years experience, I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and increasing their return on investment (ROI). I create WordPress Websites for small business owners with powerful SEO, marketing & training that simplifies the journey from concept to reality.

I started my own business 5 years ago and I remember having extremely mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension of the journey ahead. I always wanted to be my own boss and knew a little about setting up my own business in theory, but the reality is another story!

Since then, I’ve worked on countless websites, rebrands and digital marketing projects but in all honesty it’s the people that I will remember most. I’ve been lucky to work alongside some highly motivated, inspirational people and those moments will stay with me far longer than the actual website or campaigns.'

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