When to choose a niche in your private practice - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

When to choose a therapy niche

How do you know When to choose a niche for your therapy practice?

Recently in a Facebook group I'm a member of, the subject of having a niche came up.

Someone said 'Ever since I started my business over a decade ago, I became aware of business coaches who insisted that "picking a niche" is the most important first step I need to do'.

And it made me think - is there a right time to choose a niche? Is having a niche right for everyone? And how do people naturally 'fall into' a niche?

Let's take a look...

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Choosing your therapy niche - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Choosing A Therapy Niche

Imagine this: You love your job, but someone new has started and they are making your life a misery: They undermine you, they blame you for anything that goes wrong and they criticize you.

This is having a detrimental effect on you and your work. You’ve gone from being a happy, smiley and helpful person to feeling stressed, anxious and not wanting to go to work.

You need help. So where do you go?

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How not to sound like every other therapist on your website - Jane Travis - Grow Your Counselling Business

How Not To Sound Like Every Other Therapist On Your Website

*This is a guest post by Kat Love from Empathysites.com, who designs stunning websites for therapists

Marketing is about connecting and building relationships. And connection and relationships happen between real people.

Your website visitor is real but are you being real on your website? Or do you sound like every other therapist?

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6 secrets therapists need to know to start marketing your private practice - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

6 Secrets Therapists Need Know to Marketing Your Private Practice

What do you need to know before you start marketing your private practice?

I remember when I first started in private practice all those years ago, that heady mix of nervous excitement. I'd had my garage converted to be my counselling room, bought new furniture and even even got a lockable filing cabinet. 

I put an ad in the local paper (remember those?), paid for an ad in the Yellow Pages (remember those?) and was included on a couple of online directories.  I even got some business cards printed.  

Then I waited...

And I waited...

But nothing.  Pah. 

Eventually a few clients trickled in, but it became clear that the Field Of Dreams 'if you build it, they will come' method of getting clients wasn't working.

Now I know I'm not the only therapist that's been through that rather painful learning curve.

The problem is, often we don't treat our private practices like a business. I saw on a forum someone saying their practice was 'a bit like having a business'. 

Starting up in private practice is starting up in business and you have commitments, responsibilities and a new set of skills to learn. 

And as with all business types, it takes time and effort to attract clients and keep attracting clients.

A new swanky restaurant might make an impact with a glitzy opening night but without consistent marketing (and customer service), people will go to the next hot new restaurant that opens without a backwards glance. 

So lean closer, I'm going to share with you 6 secrets you need to know to start marketing your private practice.

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Does therapy need a rebrand - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Does Therapy Need A Rebrand?

What is the public perception of counselling?

Well, it's mixed but currently, people aren't accessing help because of misunderstandings about what counselling is and what we do.

It's our job as private practitioners to change this because if people - our potential clients - think counselling is scary, then they simply won't want to come.  

So does therapy need a rebrand?

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