As a therapist, how do you feel about money?

Do you feel confident, enforcing your cancellation policy and increasing your fees without stress?

Or does the thought of doing those things make you feel anxious and tense?

Well, my guest today is Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, a therapist that works with money anxiety, and in this episode, she shares how to cope with financial anxiety.

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Did you know I run a membership for counsellors and therapists called Grow Your Private Practice? 

Yes, and it includes training, workshops, resources, events - well, lots to help you attract more clients. 

But it’s so much more than a place to access training, it’s a community too. 

So if you’re trying to build your business, do you really need the Grow Your Private Practice membership?

Let’s take a look

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No one can afford therapy now. 

Well, it seems that’s what everyone is saying - the news, current affairs programs, magazine type programs etc. Everyone is talking about it - the price of energy, fuel for the car, how much a supermarket shop has increased.

So let's explore the cost of living crisis: it's impact on your clients, your practice and you. 

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In this, my 100th episode of The Grow Your Private Practice Show, I talk about the pros and cons of podcasting to help you decide whether podcasting could be a good choice for you.

And as a gift for you on the 100th episode, I’ve put together 9 FREE resources I’ve previously shared as part of the podcast so you can access them all together. 

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Choosing a niche is one of the first things I recommend people do when starting a private practice. But what impact will it actually make?

In this episode, I talk with guest Elsie Owen about the pros and cons of having a niche, and we explore how having a niche has impacted her private practice. 

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