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Features Vs Benefits: A Therapists Guide

Do you know what your therapy clients want?

Does that sound like a strange question?  Yes, I thought so.  

You know your clients have worries, issues and things on their minds. They may have mental health issues or are struggling with the effects of abuse, bullying etc.

But what do they actually want from therapy? Because if you want more clients, you need to be crystal clear. 

Let's take a look at features vs benefits: what they are and why it's vital that you know. ​

Voicemail for therapists_ are you losing clients without knowing it_ - Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

Voicemail For Therapists

Are you losing clients without even knowing it?

You're feeling troubled and need some help, so you browse the web to find a local therapist that you like the look of - one that has experience in the issues you're dealing with, one that seems approachable and warm.  

You've kept the number in your diary for a couple of weeks, and every time you go to dial the number you put the phone back down again, hands shaking.  

Finally you pluck up the courage to ring and make an appointment.  ​

Nervously, you dial the number...​

1 9 10 11

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