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It’s my work anniversary! Yes, I’ve been working with counsellors and therapists to help grow their practice for 5 years (ok, a bit longer than that, but what’s a few months between friends?). And I’ve come a long way and learned a lot in that time - and am still learning. 

And there are 5 main things I’ve learned about therapists in that time and I talk about them in this episode. 


In this episode we explore:

  • The process of learning
  • That (sadly) there are no quick fixes
  • The importance of being curious
  • Why you need to start with the ABC’s
  • The pros and cons of change

To be honest, I’ve learned way way more than 5 things, and this episode could have ended up being hours long!

I’ve had a blast running the Grow Your Privater Practice membership. I’d like to thank all the members both past and present for trusting in me, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing about your successes.

I hate when members leave, but when its because they are at capacity, then it makes me a very happy person and I realise all the hard work has been worth it. 

So if you’re fed up of going round in circles, and you’re ready to make real progress, come and join us. CLICK HERE for details and to join

Links to follow

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Jane lives in beautiful Lincoln with her 2 boys and rescue dog. When she's not talking about herself in the third person, she's usually found with her feet up and eating Maltesers. Sometimes she even shares them with friends.