5 Mistakes therapists make on Facebook (and how to fix them) - Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice

The 5 biggest mistakes therapists make on Facebook (and how to fix them)

Are you making one of these 5 mistakes therapists make on Facebook?

Facebook is the social media powerhouse!  As of July 2017, they have 2.01 billion active monthly users - 1.32 daily active users.  That's a whole lotta people!  

Personally, I go on Facebook several times a day to check out what's going on in my social circle.

So it makes sense to promote your private practice on Facebook, right?


But if your Facebook Pages marketing hasn't been working for you, maybe you've been making one of these 5 common mistakes.

Here are 5 mistakes therapists make on Facebook.

Start marketing your private practice- Jane Travis, Grow Your Therapy Business

Marketing Your Private Practice

What do you need to know before you start marketing your private practice?

I remember when I first started in private practice all those years ago, that heady mix of nervous excitement.   

I'd had my garage converted to be my counselling room, bought new furniture and even​ even got a lockable filing cabinet. 

I put an ad in the local newspaper (remember those?), paid for an ad in the Yellow Pages (remember those?) and was included on a couple of online directories.  I even got some business cards printed.  

I waited...

And I waited...

But nothing.  Pah!

Eventually a few clients trickled in, but it became clear that the Field Of Dreams 'if you build it, they will come' method of getting clients wasn't working!

Now I KNOW I'm not the only therapist that's been through THAT rather painful learning curve!

The problem is, we don't treat our private practices like a business. I saw on a forum someone saying their practice was 'a bit like having a business'!  

Starting up in private practice IS starting up in business, and you have commitments, responsibilities and a new set of skills to learn. 

And as with all business types, it takes time and effort to attract clients and keep attracting clients.

A new swanky restaurant might make an impact with a glitzy opening night but without consistent marketing (and customer service), people will go to the next hot new restaurant that opens without a backwards glance. 

So lean closer, I'm going to share with you 6 secrets you need to know to start marketing your private practice.

Does counselling need a rebrand - Jane Travis - Grow Your Counselling Business

Does Counselling Need A Rebrand?

Have you noticed how often people are terrified or counselling?  

Some people see it as a punishment, some think it's because they are 'broken' and need fixing, some seem to think we're going to judge them, or be patronizing, or tell them what to do, or make them do something they don't want to.

Maybe they think they've done something wrong, or they have failed, or that because they are struggling, it proves they aren't enough. 

Many people think they will be analyzed - when you tell someone you've just met that you're a therapist, there's often a nervous laugh and they say 'ooh, don't analyse me!'

(My friend always replies 'you'll know if I'm analyzing you as I'll be charging you!)​

There's a fear that somehow, we can access all their deep, dark, innermost secrets just by chatting with them!

If people - our potential clients - think this is what counselling is, then they simply won't want to come.  

Make time for business - Jane Travis, Grow Your Counselling Business

Time For Business?

Do you make time for business?

In our busy busy lives, time is a precious commodity. Ask people what they wish they had more of, it's time.  Oh, and money, of course. 

Sadly, I can't magic up a few more hours in a day, but I CAN help you manage it.

So this is for you if you want more clients but don't have the time to market your business. ​

The Reality of Attracting Counselling Clients - Jane Travis - Grow Your Counselling Business

The Reality of Attracting Counselling Clients

The reality of attracting counselling clients

Just lately I've been talking to a lot of counsellors about their private practice, and something that comes up again and again is the fear of being 'salesy'.  It doesn't sit right with them.

Some are sad to have trained to be a counsellor and end up having to run their own business if they want to carry on practicing and achieve ttheir dream of being a counsellor.

Some are angry that their dream of making a difference in peoples lives is turning into a world of marketing, advertizing and attracting clients - it feels distasteful and not what they signed up for.  

Is that you?

So lets take a look at the reality of attracting clients to your private practice...​

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